Saturday, May 9, 2009

The story behind the title

My husband’s family lives in the neighboring state of Iowa. It's a 7/8 hour drive full of snacks, tunes and lots of laughs so much so that we have to exit often for bathroom breaks. After doing many of these trips we’ve developed a slue of inside jokes from just our car rides alone. Some jokes we continue talking about for weeks, others not worth remembering once we arrive home. The most infamous is the "Hobo" line of hilarity. No one knows who started it. Okay, I won't be was me I'm the funny one. This blog is set out to prove it. Sorry MILN (Mother-in-law, Namels), he's funny, but I'm hilarious. I get it from my mom, she‘s witty and wise but mostly witty. Back to the story. So we've driving home from a cornland visit and as we exit for gas there stands a homeless person sporting a backpack of his belongings and the trademark cardboard sign. I asked my husband in all seriousness; "Don't you ever want to go up to a Hobo and ask him ‘Where did you get that Sharpie?’" So for the next few hours we came up with a series of Hobo humor that’s been some of the funniest stuff to have ever been said between us. From starting a website that allows it‘s visitors to rate Hobo pictures to questions that we could ask if we were to ever interviewed a hobo. These questions go beyond "What made you homeless?" That would be a lame, and probably not funny question to ask. Of all the questions there are only 2 that I remember (as I said, some things not worth remembering):

"Where did you get that Sharpie?" , "Who are you wearing Hobo?"


  1. Anyone else see a little James Lipton in the Hobo picture? I may have to change that.

  2. Road trips probably elicit humor even from dull and boring folk, but you guys are funny indeed, and I speak from experience that travelin' with ya'll is a hoot.

    Your hobo stuff is rich and it's a worthy title.

  3. I dunno, in my malaria mind I heard the hobo respond "this ol thing? had it for years". Still on my death bed, so that's all I got for now.