Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dieters prayer

Not much been happening with me. I'm on a diet. Hoping to fit into skinny pants for fourth row tickets to Phantom of the Opera in a few weeks. It's my fourth day of dieting and my first day off work since I started. I'm at home alone with only my cats, my thoughts and lots of tempting foods. Trying to teach myself to love oatmeal, day 3. I hate it still, but I'll keep attempting to eat the quick, low calorie alternative to skipping breakfast or eating something sugary. Something somewhat witty popped into my head while attempting NOT to think about double stuffed Oreos, crackers and cheese, chips and dip and mmmmMM ice cream....

Our Father, who art in Heaven
hollow be the calories in what I crave.
I want just some,
But it'd be dumb
to ruin what I already started.
Give me this day some strength to eat right.
And help me not to cheat,
as we forgive those who eat cake in front of us.
And lead me not into the kitchen,
because there's Oreos and chips in there.
For then I'll be skinny,
and fit into those pants for Phantom.