Friday, February 26, 2010

That one house...

Have you ever been to that one house, the one that has a garage sale every single weekend that it doesn't snow? You go there, unknowing it's THAT house. As soon as you survey the dirty load of crap stacked every which way in this garage you can tell it's been stacked up like this for a LOONNGGGG WHILE. Maybe you politely look around. I usually do, and I usually find that these types of people don't like to put prices on the items. Really? You have a 23 week long garage sale and don't bother to put a price on a darn thing? Really? So you look around and spot something that you like.

"Is this worth going over to the toothless Billy Bob Permasale and asking about a price?"you ask yourself. Sure it is, wouldn't want to be without those matching Dutch kids salt and pepper shakers.

"Hey jobless wonder, how much you want for these?" you ask.
"Dhhheeerrr, my uncle brought those back from Southern Holland in 1941. He gave them to my ma and pa as a wedding gift the first time they got married. I was asking $25 but I'd take $15"

Who were you asking to give you $25 for those? The price tag doesn't say $25- BECAUSE THERE AREN"T ANY FRICKEN PRICE TAGS! Did you tell the last guy it was a $25 item? Well, that didn't work out too well because he didn't take them. So don't make it sound like you're doing me any sort of favor. If you want to do me a favor get a price gun, if you want to do yourself a favor get a dentist.

Secondly, the story...why is there a story? 1941 Holland my big Polish Dupa! (Polish for butt FYI) That item ain't from 1941 Holland, it's got "Made in China" stamped in the bottom and the remnants of a Caseys General store sticker on the side.

As I'm getting this ready for the garage sale this May I think back upon these I put a price sticker on these dutch salt and pepper shakers.

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  1. How much? They're SO worth it - they're kissing.

    Remember Lorraine on MadTV?
    OH MY GOD. That's CUTE.